Scholarships in Georgia Available for Academic Year 2022 – 2023

In the state of Georgia, students have access to a variety of scholarships to help pay for their education. There are general scholarships, which are open to all students, and specific scholarships, which are available only to students from certain backgrounds or attending certain schools. In addition, there are scholarships available for students who plan to study specific subjects or attend specific colleges.

The students are becoming grants in order for them to pursue their higher education in the state of Georgia. Georgia has 62 public colleges, universities and technical colleges that offer scholarships for higher learning. There are several global associations that award Georgians scholarships on the basis of both individual merit and need. Many of the below illustrate international governance.

Scholarships in Georgia

1. Hope Scholarship for Georgian Residents

This program in Georgia helps students with an excellent academic record get financial assistance. The hope scholarship is available to all Georgia students who attend public school and need to make up at least 3.0 cumulative grade points in high school. Tuition coverage under this program, together with a stipend for book up to 120 credits hours, if a student does not get a grade average of at least 3.0. If they don’t, they’ll get compensated based on book up to 30 credit hours. You can also check scholarship opportunities in Texas on our website.

2. Aileen Lee Scholarship for out of state Georgians

The Aileen Lee Scholarship offers financial assistance to incoming college students annually at the University of Oregon. A committee selects 3 women and 3 men from the fund’s recipient pool to provide it. The Aileen Lee Scholarship awards this grant to undergraduate students who immigrated from another country than Oregon and have an excellent educational record. You can also check scholarship opportunities in Ohio on our website.

3. Dixie Youth Baseball Scholarship

Dixie Boys Baseball offers a $2,000 cash prize annually to graduating senior students who have played Dixie Boys Baseball. There is no submission limit. Deadline for Dixie Youth Baseball Scholarship is February 1, 2023. Assuming undergraduate college enrollment, students may apply.

4. ARRL Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship

The ARRL Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship awards a $1,000 for amateur radio operators and who has any amateur radio license. Candidates must be a resident of Georgia or Alabama. Applicants should be an undergraduate student with a GPA of 2.50 or higher.

5. The Heidelberg College Out Of State Grant

The region-based Heidelberg College Out Of State Grant offers funding for a resident of a different state who would like to enroll in Heidelberg College. This is a renewable grant for 4 years and supplies aid to both first-time freshmen and transfer students alike.

6. AWS Airgas Terry Jarvis Memorial Scholarship

AWS Airgas offers the annual Terry Jarvis Memorial Scholarship Fund, which provides monetary support for the undergraduate U.S. students who are pursuing a four years bachelor’s degree program in welding engineering. The scholarship requires a minimum overall grade of 2.8 and a 3.0 GPA in engineering-related courses. Students have to reach a minimum age of 18 to be eligible for this scholarship. February 15 is the deadline. The AWS Scholarship covers tuition as well as also provides funding for books and stipend. The award will be wired directly from the AWS Foundation to the school.

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